Little Andaman is the Andaman Islands’ most remote inhabited island, situated 120 kilometres south of Port Blair. But don’t be deceived by its name: although being one of the biggest islands available to tourists, it is the least frequented due to its secluded position. Those who brave the lengthy drive south will be rewarded by deserted virgin beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, deep evergreen forests, red oil palm farms, and some of India’s most incredible surf. The uniqueness of Little Andaman provides a wealth of activities and natural wonders to discover. However, there are tribal reserves for Onge in the North and South Bay areas and a Nicobarese village, all of which are off-limits to visitors. The island’s laid-back vibes, friendly residents, and unpretentiousness generally entice tourists to stay longer than they anticipated.

Little Andaman

Best Time To visit Little Andaman:

Between November and May is the perfect season to travel to Little Andaman Island. This time of year, there will be less rain and storms, making it ideal for relaxing by the beach. This coastline is at its finest and most suited to visit during the winter months. It’s also the optimum time to participate in a variety of water sports.


How to Reach Little Andaman:

Daily government ferries run between Port Blair’s Phoenix Bay and Hut Bay of Little Andaman. Depending on the kind of ship and weather conditions, the trip takes 6 to 8 hours. Longer overnight ferries are also available. You may choose between double or four-bedrooms, as well as a seat or a spot on the deck. Check ahead of time or go for a schedule of boat services.

If you want to depart on time, plan your trip at least one or two days ahead of time. Make sure you reserve your tickets ahead of time during the busy season. Early hours queuing is also feasible, as you could get fortunate and buy your ticket at the ticket desk one hour before departure.

Travelling by helicopter is another easy way to get to Little Andaman. This is more expensive, there are fewer seats available, locals or government officials are given priority, and baggage is restricted. You will have a “once in a lifetime” experience if you can do all of the above. The thrill of seeing the islands so vividly from above is unrivalled. You must purchase helicopter tickets at least one day before the intended departure date. (Now Helicopter service is not available).


Top 5 Places to Visit in Little Andaman

Butler Bay Beach

Butler Bay Beach is among Little Andaman Island’s lesser-known gems that deserve to be discovered and appreciated. One of the most excellent spots to explore in Little Andaman is this lovely beach. It’s a fantastic area to sit back and relax, with palm-fringed beaches and greenish-blue seas. It’s also known for being one of India’s most fabulous surfing places. As a result, many surfers flock to this place to make the most out of it. Furthermore, nothing here relaxes like seeing the sun rays combined with the tranquil seas at nightfall. The government does not charge an entrance fee to visit this location.

Here, you can do activities like sunbathing, swimming, or exploring this wonderland beach. If you ask me how much time is required for the beach, recommend that 2-3 hours be enough.

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Kalapathar Beach

This masterpiece, located on Little Andaman Island, has been shaped throughout time by the forces of nature. The naturally formed black limestone lay on the beach that’s why called Kalapathar Beach. A plethora of marine life may be seen in some of the cave’s water pockets. Furthermore, several slopes and climbs would undoubtedly appeal to any adventurer’s heart. Moreover, a visit to this location is sometimes combined with the surrounding rocky beach, which is still another gem. There is no charge to visit the site on any given day.


White Surf  Waterfall

When was the last moment you saw a rainbow? When you explore this enchanting waterfall, you won’t have to think too hard since the fog in the atmosphere and the blinding sunlight make rainbows a regular sight. A tour to White Surf Waterfall is free of charge, and you may do it at any time between sunrise and sunset. It’s a perfect way to spend an hour or two if you’re visiting Little Andaman Island. You may also trek to this location to get a closer view and add to the already bizarre experience. Be ready with your camera to click some amazing pictures of this beautiful waterfall.


Whisper Wave Waterfall

Another waterfall, as lovely and picture-perfect, is about to appear. A calm atmosphere pervades the area, which one may sense after spending some time there. It is always recommended to follow a guide, no matter how quiet the location of this remote waterfall seems. Also, pay attention to crocodile warning signals. Despite everything, this waterfall is well worth a visit. It is available to the public from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day. This place is perfect for you if you love to see birds. Here you can spot different species of birds and do some photography as well.


Red Palm Oil Plantation

The Red Palm Oil Plantation is another fantastic site to explore on Little Andaman Island. The island includes a large plantation that will be breathtaking to see. Many of the plantation’s employees like to see you around. You may also be able to see it being processed. There is no charge for visiting these plantations. This place is suitable for a two-hour visit. It is open every day of the week and is free to visit.

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How to Get Around in Little Andaman:

The best way to see this island is on a motorcycle or scooter. Getting a ride is simple since practically all homestays and resorts can provide you with a two-wheeler. You may also find rental businesses all around the market area. Depending on the weather and length of the rental, daily rates range from Rs 300 to Rs 400. Before you accept it, inspect the bike, particularly the brakes. The majority of the motorcycles are in poor condition.

Make sure you get your gas before 5 p.m. since all gas stations shut at that time. When gas providers run out of fuel, the price of gasoline rises.

Small local buses ply the island if you choose public transportation. They charge ranging from Rs 7 to Rs 15 for each person. Inquire with the locals about the timetable. Simply wave to the driver, and they will halt to take you up or drop you off on your way.

Rickshaws and public jeeps are also widely accessible, costing between Rs 10 and 50. If they take you up at the dock, a jeep trip to your resort will cost Rs 100 per person.


Cuisine available in Little Andaman

Little Andaman’s cuisine differs from that of other more touristy islands. They have a small number of restaurants and hotels, with the latter referring to a fast-food restaurant rather than a place to stay. Hotels mostly provide traditional Indian dishes such as thalis and local fishermen’s day’s catch. Almost all shut after lunch and reopen around 5.30 or 6 p.m. for supper. Every lodging, however, does have its small kitchen where fresh food is prepared on demand, and some even serve foreign meals such as waffles and sandwiches. Duncan Passage separates the South and the Little Andaman Islands. There are a few more fascinating facts about it. Although Little Andaman Island was once a victim of the 2004 tsunami, the area has now been restored to its natural state, attracting more people than ever. So seize the opportunity to have a great holiday on Little Andaman Island!


Hotels in Little Andaman

Almost the whole island was destroyed, but it is gradually getting back on track, with little bamboo house resorts as well as other infrastructure being rebuilt. However, since the island only has a few resorts and a few governmental guesthouses, there are still limited lodging possibilities. Accommodation is substantially less expensive than on other islands, although the selection is limited, with only affordable bamboo huts with communal bathrooms.

So-called “eco-friendly” areas are identical to the rest of the Andaman Islands, implying that natural materials rather than concrete were employed. Waste disposal and recycling are still unresolved concerns, therefore eco-friendliness remains a question mark. On public land, camping is not allowed.

However, some businesses may allow you to set up a tent on their land for a modest price. Almost the majority of the establishments are managed by local families, giving you the warm and pleasant impression of being in their home. The costs vary depending on the season, and if you stay for a longer period of time, you will get a special discount.

Here are a few suggested Hotels and Resorts in Little Andaman:

  1. Hawva Beach Resort
  2. Astha Eco Resort
  3. Greenwood Island Resort
  4. Jina Resort
  5. Sea Land Tourist Home
  6. The Blue View Resort

These are the best available hotels and resorts in Little Andaman with minimum facilities so, don’t expect much from these hotels.



Duncan Passage separates the South and the Little Andaman Islands. Although Little Andaman Island was once a victim of the 2004 tsunami, the area has now been restored to its natural state, attracting more people than ever.

Little Andaman is among the most stunning secret tourist destinations in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is located on the island of Nicobar. It is a component including some of the few places on the planet that have been kept in their original splendour. Because of the tranquil settings and breathtaking beauty, almost every person that visits there ends up staying for an extended period of time.

So seize the opportunity to have a great holiday on Little Andaman Island!