Mayabunder is the town & the popular tehsil in this northern part of Middle Andaman Island. The name is also spelled Maya Bandar or Mayabunder Twenty-three thousand nine hundred twelve people were living in the county as of 2001, with 3182 living in the town. This place will make your holidays more remarkable and special with its eternal beauty. Mayabunder is generally situated in the Northern part of Middle Andaman, about 242 km from Port Blair; this is a low-key destination with fewer tourist spots than other neighbouring islands. This is also popular for its cultural eccentricity due to the presence of Bangladesh, ex-convicts, Pakistani Settlers & the Burmese hill tribe- Karen- who were relocated to this place during this British Colonial period.

Even though Mayabunder serves as the North and Middle Andaman territory’s administrative centre, the town is small and lacks tourist amenities. Since few locals speak English, if you don’t speak Bengali or Hindi, you will most likely have to ask the employees at the hotel you are staying at for information. If you plan to stay here long, The remote islands nearby might be worth a look since they provide fantastic snorkelling opportunities and some jungle experiences. Mayabunder will appeal to tourists looking for an experience close to nature and far away from the crowds. Cinque Island does not have a scheduled ferry service. From Port Blair and Wandoor, chartered boats of the approved type are permitted. Private boat operators in Port Blair can be contacted to rent a boat for a visit with the necessary authorization from the Forest Department. The North and Middle Andaman District’s administrative centre is located in Mayabunder. A recommended location for people seeking an exciting adventure as well as discovery is a little village in the northern region of Middle Andaman. This article gives you comprehensive information about Mayabunder as a tourist destination.

How to reach Mayabundar

This fantastic place can be reached in varied ways of transport. Mayabunder is linked by regular buses from port Blair heading on this Andaman Trunk Road via Rangat & Baratang. These buses leave port Blair in the early morning & you can avail of buses till 11 am. This is an exhausting 9 to 10 hours bumpy ride through the parts of dense jungle & with the ferries linking the main islands. Also, you can spot the tribe on ATR.

Mayabundar by Government Buses

You can board a government-operated bus that leaves Port Blair at various times. The most desired time is 4.30 am. From Port Blair, it takes about ten hours to get to Mayabunder. To get to the Mayabunder junction, the bus will go over the Andaman Grand Trunk Road.

Mayabundar by Private Buses

Private buses run straight from Port Blair. These buses leave for Mayabunder from Port Blair. These buses run at various intervals between the origin and the destination. These buses also take approximately ten hours to get there. Both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned versions of these buses are available.

Mayabundar by Cab

Taking a privately hired car from Port Blair is the third and only surefire option to get to Mayabunder from Port Blair. The driver, who is a local and is familiar with the area, will be driving with you, in this case from Port Blair. You wouldn’t need to hire any other public transportation to get around and see the tourist attractions that are reachable by the road, nor would you need to search for a return alternative. By selecting this method of transportation to get to Mayabunder, you may be sure of time management, which is impossible for you to achieve when seeing a site.

Best time to visit Mayabundar

Amazing Mayabunder is a town located in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands’ northern region. Throughout the entire year, this town enjoys pleasant and temperate temperatures. But during the summer, the air becomes a little muggier. This location’s typical temperature ranges from 25 to 33 degrees Celsius. This town is accessible any time of the year because the weather is still perfect for touring the town’s many attractions. Regarding tourist attractions, this place has a lot to offer. The town’s actual attractions, including Pokhadera Beach, Karmatang Beach, the Anmol Driftwood Museum, and the Forest Museum, may all be visited any time of the year for a memorable experience. 

Best places to visit Mayabundar

Some of the unique Islands and tourist destinations may be found in the Andaman Archipelago, luring visitors back time and time again. Mayabunder is the siren call to all those who prefer nature. It is a country of virgin woods, turquoise waterways, and a vast diversity of flora and wildlife. All these and many other things are a melting pot in Mayabunder County. It is unquestionably a nice treat for everyone with more time to spare for the trip. 

Karmatang Beach

Karmatang Beach is among the most frequently visited tourist spots in this particular region of Andaman. This is the closest beach to the city of Mayabunder. This beach is lined by clear blue waters, is rich in coral reserves, has a few mangrove-lined tidal creeks & is also the primary nesting ground for sea turtles.

karmatang-beach -Mayabunder

Avis Island

Whenever you google for images of tropical paradises, you always get these crystal-clear waters, golden sand & the setting sun. The main important thing that brings life to those pictures- is the coconut trees. Well, You can get all of this is Avis Island. This is the most fantastic tourist attraction place of Mayabunder. 

Austin X

The crystal-clear waters and virgin woods of this will snatch your mind. You can see deers walking around without any inhibitions as they come out to drink the water from holes. They are pretty friendly, and you can pamper and caress them. 

Ray Hill

Mayabunder has the unique Eco Village situated within this, which has been developed primarily to increase regional tourism. This Eco Village is housed at this Ray Hill, only 20 minutes away via boat from that local jetty. This place provides various engaging activities like rock climbing, elephant safari, wilderness trekking, angling, and even a tiny library. This place is a delight for children and has guesthouses for overnight lodging.

Mangrove Creeks

The Mayabunder region has the most beautiful nature sightseeing, situated within this that is not discovered anywhere else in Andaman & Nicobar region. This is home to the meandering Mangrove fringed tidal creeks, which provide an exquisite cruising experience for travelers. Cruising through these creeks provides the ideal treat for nature lovers, bird watchers, researchers, and the education trips

Things to do in Mayabundar

  • Mayabunder has a wide range of activities for all outdoor enthusiasts. Numerous day trips are available to nearby islands where you can go for snorkelling, spotting wildlife, and even game fishing.
  • Explore Turtle Nesting
  • Swimming
  • Despite not being the Andaman Islands’ culinary epicentre, Mayabunder does have a few quiet restaurants that serve standard Indian cuisine. Many fresh fruits and vegetables are readily available in the main market, and some stores sell snacks and beverages.

Hotels Or Resorts in Mayabundar

Mayabundar is a very remote and undeveloped sector in the middle of Andaman and Nicobar Island, compare to other islands like; Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island. Near the jetty, the tourism department manages Hotels, resorts and Homestay time accommodations where tourists can stay with very limited facilities. So, do not expect very Luxury or high-end services in this sector during the Mayanundar Trip.

Budget or Economy Hotels in Mayabundar

Whether your trip will be for a vacation Trip or the business trip in Mayabundar you will get very few options to select your accommodation as due to the remote area the middle of Andaman is not developed compared to other islands. So, very few Hotels and Homestay are available with limited facilities. 

These are the few Hotels and Homestay in Mayabundar you can consider during your trip.

  1. Hotel Sea Sand 
  2. Koh Hee Homestay


A must-visit to this country of Mayabunder can expose every traveller to the complete journey & helps them to understand the life and culture of this place. This place’s natural beauty and uniqueness will make every traveller happy. So this trio to Mayabunder can add some remarkable and glorious moments to the holiday or vacation in this Andamans.

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