Andaman an enchanting archipelago nestled in the Bay of Bengal, beckon with their unparalleled beauty and diverse offerings. Comprising more than 500 islands, this tropical paradise is renowned for its pristine beaches, where powdery sands meet crystal-clear waters in a mesmerizing embrace. Beyond the shores, lush rainforests house a remarkable variety of flora and fauna, making it a haven for eco-enthusiasts and nature lovers. Beneath the waves, the coral reefs come alive with a kaleidoscope of colors, inviting snorkelers and divers to explore an underwater wonderland teeming with marine life in Andaman.

Andaman and Nicobar islands aren’t just a feast for the senses but also a celebration of cultural diversity. Home to indigenous tribes like the Jarawa and Sentinelese, the islands offer a rare glimpse into ancient traditions that have withstood the test of time. While respecting their privacy is paramount, their presence adds a layer of cultural richness to the archipelago’s tapestry.

For adventure seekers, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands provide a playground of thrills. Trekking through dense jungles, kayaking through mangroves, and embarking on diving expeditions promise unforgettable experiences that blend excitement with the pristine beauty of the surroundings. History aficionados can delve into the past at the Cellular Jail, a haunting reminder of India’s struggle for independence, where the sacrifices of freedom fighters echo through time.

As day turns to dusk, the islands offer yet another spectacle – fiery sunsets that paint the sky with hues of gold, orange, and pink. The night sky, unmarred by urban lights, transforms into a celestial panorama that inspires awe and wonder.

In essence, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a microcosm of natural and cultural marvels, a haven where unspoiled beauty and indigenous heritage coexist harmoniously. With every sunrise, adventure, and cultural encounter, these islands imprint an indelible memory, a testament to the treasures that the world still holds for those willing to explore. Read more

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Welcome to FAQs about Andaman & Nicobar Islands Tourism. Your convenience is our prime concern. Please read the below most frequent questions and Answered about Andaman & Nicobar Island and prepare your Andaman Tour Package, Andaman Tourism Package, Andaman Holidays, Andaman Travel Guidelines with these pieces of information and tips to make your Andaman Trip smooth and memorable Read more


Where Andaman & Nicobar Islands is Locates?
The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a union territory of India, it is located in the southeast of the Indian mainland geographically, float in splendid isolation in the Bay of Bengal. Andaman & Nicobar islands are consenting with two groups of the island namely the Andaman & The Nicobar Islands. Andaman & Nicobar Islands are consisting of 836 islands, of which 38 islands are inhabited.
How to Reach Andaman?
Andaman and Nicobar Island you can reach by Air or Ship. Airways is the best and convenient way to reach Andaman and Nicobar Island compare to ship Journey. You can able direct flights from Kolkata, Chennai, New Delhi & Bangalore it will take approximately 02:15 – 02:30hrs. from these cities. Most of the popular airlines are operating regular flights in this sector like Air India, Vistara, Spicejet, Goair & Indigo.You can also reach Andaman by Ship from Kolkata, Chennai & Visakhapatnam. Every month three to four sailing are available from Kolkata & Chennai. From Visakhapatnam, only one sailing is available every month. The most important thing is that it will take approximately 60-64 hrs to reach Andaman.Available cruise liners are; MV Nicobar, MV Harshavardhana & MV Akbar
Do I need Passport to travel Andaman?
No. Indian citizen's are not required passport to travel in Andaman.
What type of Weather & Climate does Andaman & Nicobar Island have?
The tropical climate throughout the year. The average minimum temperature is around 23°C and it goes above 32°C. Humidity is relatively high at about 70% to 90%, however, with a gentle breeze blowing most of the time it is still quite pleasant.
What is the best time to Visit Andaman?
The best time to visit Andaman is from October to March but the Andaman Islands are open for Tourists in all seasons.
What currency is used in Andaman?
The Indian rupee sign (₹) is used in Andaman
Does Debit Card/ Credit Cards accept in Andaman?
Yes, the most of the hotels, Resorts & shops are accepting Credit/debit cards. But internet speed is not up to mark so, for an emergency you need to carry cash.
Which networks are available in Andaman?
BSNL, Airtel & VI networks are available in Andaman so, before travel talk with your network operator.
What are the best places to visit in Andaman?
The Andaman & Nicobar Islands have many places to visit but some places are extremely blown your mind, it has natural beauty, history, Flora & Fauna. The most famous places are; Cellular Jail, Havelock Island (Radhanagar Beach & Elephant Beach), Ross Island (Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Dweep), Neil Island, Baratang Island, Twin Islands (Ross & Smith Islands), Jolly Buoy Islands, Chidiya Tapu, Mount Herriet, Amrakunj Beach, Butler - bay Island & Long Islands, etc.
Which is the best beach in Andaman?
Radhanagar beach is the most popular and the best beach in Havelock Island. This Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Asia, and hands down the best beach in Andaman also. Radhanagar beach got the prestigious honour of the blue flag certificate on 2020. A Blue Flag beach is an eco-tourism model endeavouring to provide the beachgoers clean and hygienic bathing water, facilities, safe and healthy environment.few more beaches are really commendable like; 1. Twin Islands : Ross & Smith Islands, 2. Lalaji Bay Beach (Long Island) 3. Laxmanpur Beach (Neil Island) 4. Butler Bay Beach (Hut Bay) 5. Aamkunj Beach (Middle Andaman)
Do I need Covid test to travel Andaman and Nicobar islands?
Yes, All incoming passengers above 02 years of age including partially and fully vaccinated arriving at VSI Airport, Port Blair from 5th Jan’2022 onward shall have to mandatorily carry RT-PCR negative test report issued from ICMR recognized laboratory, subject to the condition that the RT-PCR test should have the been taken within 48 hours before commencement of journey from origin airport connecting Port Blair.
I'm carrying Covid-19 negative test report, Do I Need Covid-19 test on arrival at Port Blair?
Passengers with a history of foreign travel in the last 30 days, all unvaccinated and partially vaccinated passengers shall also be tested by RT-PCR on arrival at VSI Airport, Port Blair and they have to strictly self isolate themselves till the receipt of negative RT-PCR report.
What should I do if tests Positive for COVID-19 during the stay?
If the tourists/visitors/traveler tests positive during the stay in the Islands, he/she will need to undergo institutional isolation as per existing health protocols. The cost of such isolation for govt. the facility will be paid by the tourists as fixed by the administration from time to time.
Is Andaman open for tourism 2022?
Yes, All the Tourism activities like; Museums, Sound and Light Show, Beaches, Snorkelling and Boat Rides, Scuba Diving, Sea Walk, Sea Kart, Jet Ski and Parasailing Activities are Re-open in South Andaman and North & Middle Andaman Districts, w.e.f 08.02.2022. Order No.127 is issued by the Andaman and Nicobar Administration & Directorate of Tourism.
Which is the best ferry from Port Blair to Havelock?
The best ferry is Nautika as this is the newly launched luxury high speed catamaran with central Ac, Luxury seating, Entertainment amenities, world class safety feature and on board complimentary snacks provided by Nautika.
What is the cost of ferry from Port Blair to Havelock?
In Andaman Island there are two types of ferries are available one is Government Ferry and the cost is Rs.550 to Rs.950 depends on ferry capacity. Another is Luxury cruise like Nautika, Makruzz, Sealink, ITT Majestic, Green Ocean and Bhagya Laxmi and their cost is starting from Rs.1350 - 2800 depends on category of the seat.
How much does ferry cost in Andaman?
In Andaman Island there are two types of ferries are available one is Government Ferry and the cost is Rs.550 to Rs.950 depends on which ferry is operating (small/ large). Another is Luxury cruise like Nautika, Makruzz, Sealink, ITT Majestic, Green Ocean and Bhagya Laxmi and their cost is starting from Rs.1350 - 2800 depends on category of the seat. All the above cost is per person per way.