Islands are always fascinating places for travelers. People who love nature and enjoy places that feature the true colours of natural beauty must check for islands for vacations.  As winter is on the corner and many out there are planning for a vacation, this article is here to tell you about Diglipur, the largest island town in North Andaman, with all the essential details, including transportation, communication, how to reach, the best time to plan a trip, the best places to pick for the sightseeing, accommodation places, staying, the best foods to try out, etc.

About Diglipur

Andaman island is a popular tourist destination with lots of places to explore and numerous fun stuff to do. Andaman islands are a compilation of different small and big villages. Diglipur is the main town in Andaman Island’s northern part. Diglipur is filled with natural beauty and greets you with a beautiful blue shiny sea beach where you can rest and enjoy your holiday peacefully. It’s just forty-three meters above sea level. Long green beach with sea-green-bluish water and everything eye-soothing; welcome to Diglipur. The Kalpong river nicely covers the surrounding borders of Diglipur, which gives you the vibe of an island inside an island here. It’s the only river you can see in Andaman. Hold on; there’s something more! If you have planned to click your best travel snap on the highest point of Northern Andaman (The Saddle Peak), it’s just ten kilometers South of the Archipelago, Diglipur. Diglipur is home to some of the world’s most unusual and fascinating attractions, which would enhance your travels there. It has already attracted numerous tourists from all over the world. The Ross and Smith Islands, the highest mountain in the overall Andaman archipelago, and Saddle Peak are Diglipur’s most recognizable landmarks. There are many Turtle breeding spots here besides all the lone delights that Diglipur offers you.

How to reach Diglipur

Many tourists often miss the town of Diglipur because it is a long distance from the main communication transportation available in Andaman. On average, you must cross over more than two hundred and ninety-eight kilometers from the International airport, Port Blair. Once you have landed in Port Blair, you have different options to reach Diglipur. Here’s how:


Government Buses:

Government-run buses that leave Port Blair at various times can take tourists to Diglipur. The one that is chosen is at 4:30 AM. From Port Blair, it takes about ten hours to go to Diglipur. The Grand Circuit Road would be crossed by the bus as it makes its way to the Diglipur Public Bus Depot. You’ll need to use local transportation to go to your lodging and tour from there. There is no ac in these buses. The public Bus terminal in Port Blair is where passengers may acquire seats for these buses.


Private Buses:

There are buses operated by private business parallel to those operated by the government. Additionally, these vehicles leave Port Blair at various times. The ideal or most frequently advised time to go at 4:30 AM or as early as is practical to ensure that one makes the maximum of their time in Diglipur after they arrive. These bus services take twelve hours to go to Diglipur as well. Both air-conditioned and non-AC buses are available. Although more expensive, the ac-aided bus service is worth the twelve-hour journey. If you hire a private bus to get to Diglipur, you can either reserve your return tickets from Diglipur from Port Blair whenever you leave, or you can do it at the Diglipur bus depot.


Rent a Cabs:

The costliest option to reach Diglipur from Port Blair. The main benefit is that the driver will precede you from Port Blair; you won’t need to book any public transportation to get to and from your lodging and to see the tourist destinations that are reachable by roadway. Because of no toilet break for other travelers, the journey takes slightly less time. You can stop for brief refuelling breaks and continue traveling without difficulty. The cab is available to you from the time you leave your Port Blair location until you arrive back at your location in Port Blair. By selecting this method of transportation to get to Diglipur, you get a skilled native driver from Port Blair.

You can also afford Government-aided Ferry services to reach Diglipur.

Best time to visit Diglipur

The first thing we think about before going somewhere is to enjoy the fullest as we spend a lot of money on that trip. So we often wait for the best time to plan. A tourist destination is always most beautiful, enjoyable, and attractive in its best month. That’s why we often search for the best time to visit Google. Diglipur is a popular tourist destination that draws visitors worldwide because of its rich aquatic wildlife and forested landscape. The Andaman Islands’ sole river, Kalpong, which also houses the earliest archaeological venture in the archipelago, may be seen in all its splendour. You should schedule your trip to Diglipur from October until May when the weather is favourable and ideal for travelling. But the temperature fluctuates between 23°C to 33°C during the entire year. The region is best visited in the cold season when travel is more accessible, and the sea is calmer.

Additionally, it will be rather unpleasant to go to a coastal neighbourhood like Diglipur during the summertime. Therefore, the best time to come is between October and May, when the weather is excellent for extensive travel and sightseeing. Additionally, this is the time that tortoises lay their eggs and give birth to them.

Things to do in Diglipur

Northern Andaman’s largest town Diglipur is home to much fun stuff. Here is what you can do the best!


Trekking at Saddle Peak:

Saddle peak is the highest point of northern Andaman. It’s in the Bay of Bengal. The location is a bio-diverse ecological wonderland, as the dense rainforest is home to over Thirteen native bird groups, thirty-six native insect lifeforms, and Six native vegetation species. Because of the forest’s abundance, the area has been turned into a public reserve, which rewards climbers with beautiful high perspectives of the neighbouring beaches.


Chill out at Rose & Smith – Diglipur:

A slender, fifty-meter-long sandy beach connects these magnificent twin islands. This smooth white sandy bar disappears beneath the water with peak tides and reappears around lower tides. The undeveloped virgin coastlines are some of the most picture-perfect ones on the archipelagos, and the mild waves are stunningly transparent. The most excellent thing is that the shoreline is rarely congested, and you may enjoy the entire scene frequently. Smith Island boasts the finest amenities, including large bamboo shelters with lots of covers, restrooms, and dressing areas. Few people travel to Ross Island, surrounded by thick woods and accessible only across the sand bar.


Turtle Nesting:

You would likely see tortoises breeding and developing if you explore Diglipur during December and April. Four different varieties of marine tortoises, including the olive ridley, leatherback, hawksbill, and green turtles, converge to lay their eggs on one of the rare coastlines on the planet, Kalipur. 



Make sure to catch Mud volcanoes:

Diglipur’s Mud Volcanoes are undiscovered ecological gems tucked away in a thick jungle. These are little boggy volcanoes like their counterparts in Baratang, formed by spontaneous gases released by decomposing organic materials underneath that gradually force that toward the outer surface.

Best places to visit in Diglipur

These are the main tourist attractions in Diglipur, North Andaman & Nicobar Island.


Ross and smith Island at Diglipur:

Ross and Smith’s islands are a 20-minute boat cruise from Diglipur and one of its most popular attractions. These two islands are a must-see on any journey, with crystal blue water, coral reefs, and a wealth of picturesque beauty. The two islands are joined by a thin route of a white sandbar that may be walked on, adding to your experience.

Visitors may go through dense tropical mangrove woods, explore extensive white sand beach lengths on both islands, and go snorkelling on occasion. The magnificent Ross and Smith Islands are free to visit, but you must get prior permission to take the boat ride from Diglipur’s Aerial Bay Jetty.


Saddle Peak National Park at Diglipur:

Saddle Point, at 732 meters, is the highest peak in the Andamans and is surrounded by the lush evergreen forests of Saddle Peak National Park, making it a popular tourist destination. To go through, you’ll need permission from the Forest Department, which will cost you INR 250. But the effort is well worth it once you reach the top, where you will meet with one of the most breathtaking sites you will ever see: a panoramic bird’s eye perspective over the North Andamans. The trip up there takes around 5-6 hours, and you’ll be greeted with the Kalpong River stream every now and then.


Kalipur Beach – Diglipur:

Taking a local bus from the significant Diglipur bazaar will get you to Kalipur beach, which is located behind the peaceful settlement of Kalipur. It is one of the few beaches in the world where four species of sea turtles—Olive Ridley, Leather Back, Hawksbill, and Green Turtles—come to lay their eggs. It is primarily recognized for turtle nesting.


Ramnagar Beach at Didlipur:

Due to its beautiful water and high visibility, Ramnagar Beach is great for snorkelling. Because corals are spiky, swimming is frequently tricky. But you can also enjoy it there very much.


Alfred Caves at Diglipur :

There are 41 magnificent caves in the Alfred Caves complex. It is around 35 kilometers from Diglipur’s main town, close to Ramnagar Beach. The trip to the caves and the return to our lodging take the entire day. You must leave early in the morning and return in the evening to complete this journey.

Suppose you stop and explore the Limestone Caves in Baratang from Port Blair to Diglipur (see our Baratang page for more information). In that case, you may argue that the Alfred Caves are the parent version of the Limestone Caves in Baratang.


Lamiya Bay Beach at Diglipur: 

A famous beach in Andaman is Lamiya Bay Beach. This is because the majority of the beaches in the Andaman Sea have palm trees. This beach is surrounded by rolling hills and a thick jungle near the water’s edge. The presence of pebbles, sand beaches, and sea rocks does change the appearance of this beach scene.


Aerial Bay at Diglipur: 

At Keralpuram, there is an aerial bay. There is a tiny beach here as well. Diglipur’s sole seaport is Aerial Bay. All inter-island ships arriving in Diglipur from Port Blair, Havelock, Neil, or any other area of the islands primarily disembark in Aerial Bay. This is where a motor boat may carry you to Ross and Smith Island. A sandy path leading to Arial Bay Beach begins after the harbour.


Patti Level – Diglipur:

Diglipur now has a brand-new attraction that is mainly undiscovered: the Patti level. Patti Level is currently not very well-known and is still quite remote. Due to its location and the fact that no cab or motor vehicle can drive up to the beach, this area could be more well-known.

Things to expect from Diglipur Trip

  • You spend more time in Diglipur and get substantially connected to nature.
  • All of the activities available here would hold you immersed in the environment, including the coastlines, caverns, and local plants and animals.
  • All your accommodations will be eco-friendly lodgings with the required comforts and decor; the conventional hydroelectric plant on the Kalpong River provides electricity.
  • It is adequate, although there are occasional, brief power outages on the archipelago, and you cannot count on a sustainable electricity backup during these outages. Unless you have ordered your food in advance, food is not a problem in Diglipur.
  • There are many hospitality aids available in Diglipur as well.

A place for accommodation in Diglipur, North Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The Pristine Beach Resort in Kalipur offers the most excellent lodging options in Diglipur. Depending on the amenities and grades of the accommodations, the rooms cost between 600 and 4500 INR. Diglipur’s Kalipur receives the most visitors, who frequently rest there before traveling to other locations. In addition to the Pristine Beach Resort, there are a few motels owned by the public sector, including the guest houses, which provide air-conditioned guestrooms for Rs 1000 and non-air-conditioned rooms for Rs 500. However, many public tourist residences have limited occupancy without advanced reservations.


You can anticipate all of these things in Diglipur if you seek a tranquil, intuitive, and unique feeling from your few hours of holidays and if you prefer to avoid the boring, rushed life of the town and corporate actions. Diglipur is a location that has drawn numerous tourists and adventurers from all over the world. Who has encountered its tranquillity and given it the reputation of being an offbeat location or an out-of-the-ordinary feel. Before visiting Diglipur, ensure you have the knowledge and a solid itinerary and Diglipur Tour Package. Book your Tour Package from the best Andaman DMC.