About Ross Island Andaman

The present name of Ross island is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Dweep. In 2018, the honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, renamed the island. Initially, the island was named after a marine surveyor during the British Raj named Daniel Ross. The total area of this island is relatively small compared to other islands of Andaman and Nicobar islands. The island falls in the South Andaman district, and the capital of Andaman and Nicobar islands, Port Blair, is 5 km away from this island. Most places of interest in Andaman and Nicobar islands are beaches and sea; Ross island is slightly different from the rest. This penal settlement of British rule in India can ignite the fire of curiosity inside you. To position the cherry on the cake of your vacation, you can end your trip by visiting the place. You will become aware of the history of India’sIndia’s struggle for independence. If you intend to travel to Andaman and Nicobar islands, you must include this inter-island in your must-see list.


Britishers first captured the island in 1782; at that time, they had only built a sanatorium. After that, in 1857, in the year of Sepoy Mutiny, they recaptured the island. For the next 85 years, they used Ross island as an administrative headquarter and built quite a few buildings here on the island. Britishers left this island high and dry in 1941 after an earthquake of high magnitude. Although the Britishers left this place, the ruins of these old establishments are still on the island. Alongside the remains of these buildings, there is also an old church and man-caves, which will definitely mesmerise you. The unique experience you can get here can not5 be found anywhere else in Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Moreover, the forest surrounding the island is a sanctuary where you can spot several species of animals and birds. This article will describe the places you can see on Ross Island and how you can enjoy your time on the island in detail. So, read on and find out more about Ross Island.

How to Reach Ross Island

There is only one route to reach the island. It would be ideal if you took a ferry ride from the Water Sports Complex. The boat or ferry, whatever you will take, will take you directly to the islands within 20 minutes. The cost of the ride will vary depending on the boat’s size and the set you choose for the ride. You can expect a fair somewhere between 150 INR to 350 INR. Tickets for the ferry or boat sell out rapidly, so booking the tickets in advance is better. You can get your hands on tickets by paying a visit to the ticket counter at the Water sports complex. You need to display evidence of your identity while issuing the tickets. In case you are a foreigner, you have to show your passport at the time of booking your ticket.

Popular Activities in Ross Island Andaman

Now it is time to discuss the places you can see on Ross island and things you can do here for your enjoyment.


  • Live History Inside the Ruins

One of the most charming things about this island is that here you will find some of the oldest structures built by the Britishers and the Japanese. India’s rich history before independence awaits you inside the remains of the Ross Island buildings. When Britishers occupied Andaman and Nicobar islands, they used this island as a place to oversee the proceedings of other islands. Once, this was the residence of the chief commissioner of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. You will be in awe to learn that the construction of the cellular jail was supervised by Ross island. You can spot the ruins of the following buildings

  1. Church
  2. Government House
  3. Chief Commissioner’s residence
  4. Printing press
  5. Water treatment plants
  6. Garden spread over a large area
  7. Pond


ross island andaman


All these were abandoned long ago and now stand to remind us about the past. The church we have already mentioned here is one of the most prominent remnants of British rule in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. This ancient-looking Presbyterian Church was built entirely out of rock. Even now, you can spot several windows made using teak, which has withstood the test of time. Even now, if you look out of the church’s windows, you will get a breathtakingly beautiful view of the entire island.

Another thing you can hardly miss spotting on the island is the magnificent-looking bungalow built for the Chief Commissioner. Though few parts of the bungalow remain, proving how glorious the entire structure used to look. Inside the bungalow, you will find the structures mentioned earlier. The likes include large ballrooms, huge bedrooms, dining halls, serenely beautiful Amalia gardens, and long strips of walking paths. We hope that now you understand why we insist you pay a visit to the ruins of Ross Island.


  • Get Mesmerized by the Light and Sound Show

The light and sound show is designed to showcase the past history of this island. It will take you back in time, and you can witness how every single structure on the island was built after proper planning. The show’s show’s primary subject is how the entire penal settlement took place and how the Britishers controlled the Andaman as a whole and Nicobar islands from this single island. Alongside all these, the show also exhibits how sumptuous the Chief Commander’s Commander’s life was. Last but not least, in the presentation, you can also observe the sufferings faced by the Indian freedom fighters inside the Cellular Jail of Andaman. All the workers who built the brick-by-brick were thrown into jail afterward. This tragedy has also been depicted beautifully in the light and sound show.


  • Enjoy a Nature Walk Inside the Sanctuary

Right at the island’s heart is a sanctuary filled with wild animals and birds. The entire sanctuary is protected and well-maintained by the Central Government of India. Deers and peacocks are present here in large numbers, and all these animals live inside a reticent area. The animals can come out of this area to play with humans. Suppose you feel comfortable getting in close contact with these animals and birds. In that case, you should definitely pay a visit to the sanctuary. The population of peacocks and deers are increasing with time due to the continued supervision of the caretaker. Never try to feed or cause harm to the animals and birds inside the sanctuary. Alongside this sanctuary, there is also a marine sanctuary. The marine sanctuary is named after Mahatma Gandhi. You can spot many marine species, including sea turtles and endangered coral reefs. The underwater life will surely leave you spellbound.


  • Enter the Man Caves

These interconnected man caves were built during colonial rule to protect the British officials residing on the island. They were constructed so British officials could escape the place in times of crisis. You should take the help of a guide before entering these man caves for your safety and swift movement.


  • Head to the Pond

The place is exactly what the name suggests. It is a large pond, and there are some tall trees surrounding the pond. You can also spot some ruins around the lake. The lake is 15 minutes away from the dropping point. Find your comfy place here, sit back and relax.


  • Have Lunch Amid Nature

There are several huts and sheds across the island. You can catch a breather here, and also, you can make your experience better by having lunch amid tall trees and smaller shrubs. You can also expect some visitors while having lunch. Don’t Don’t worry; you will be visited by some exotic bird species.

Accommodation near Ross Island Andaman

There is no hotels or resorts to stay inside Ross island. You have to go there and return on the same day. It is better that you remain near Ross island. Some of the best places to stay near Ross island are –

  • Welcomhotel Bay Island Port Blair
  • Sinclairs Bay View
  • Hotel Sentinel
  • Ami Grace
  • Reef Atlantis
  • Mansha Palace


The spectacular vibe of this place will surely charm your heart and soul. The experience you will get by looking at the vast sea, and other islands on the horizon will remain imprinted on your mind forever. The best period to dwell on Ross island is between October and May. We strongly recommend this time because, during this time, the temperature remains somewhere between 25° C and 32° C. There is another time window which may suit you more, that is during the monsoon months. During this time, the temperature stays between 20° C and 30° C. If you are planning a trip to Andaman and Nicobar islands, don’t miss visiting this island which is as pretty as a picture.